Supplier Diversity Program

SUPERVALU is constantly evaluating vendors to find the industry experience, insight and capability needed to deliver products that reflect the diversity of our customer base. A significant component of these efforts involves cultivating relationships with minority- and women-owned and operated businesses, and working to incorporate these companies into our network of vendors whenever possible. Our company's Supplier Diversity program helps to build these relationships so that our company can provide business opportunities to the most qualified and diverse suppliers to help us achieve our business goals.

No matter which segment of the business community they represent, our suppliers must share our passion for serving our customers better than anyone else can serve them. They must pass our stringent internal assessment in such areas as customer service, product quality, production capacity, target markets and financial stability. In order to qualify for our Supplier Diversity program, they must also meet generally accepted definitions of minority- and women-owned and operated business enterprises.

Suppliers of products for resale in our stores must be able to provide quality products in the quantities our customers need. Additionally, suppliers of products and services for our own use must be able to provide cost-effective products and/or services that will add to the quality of our operations.

Our Supplier Diversity program is a crucial component of our company's strategy to be the best place to shop in the industry. Partnering with a diverse range of suppliers to provide products and services that meet or exceed our customers' needs will enable us to meet our goal of serving our customers better than anyone else can serve them.

More Information?
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