Trading Partners & SVHarbor

Since the launch of SVHarbor in 2004, the program has been enhancing communication from Trading Partners to SUPERVALU and to the Retailer. Beyond creating an electronic means to facilitate business, SVHarbor has become a sales-driving tool with SUPERVALU-supplied Retailers. Both Trading Partners and Retailers benefit from the use of SVHarbor.

SVHarbor-driven sales programs provide Retailers with important insights about the programs, consumers and the items in the programs. These insights translate into Retailer excitement and improved retail performance. As an around-the-clock sales tool, SVHarbor is the major force behind SUPERVALU's internet strategy.

SVHarbor currently provides access to many separate SUPERVALU applications. These applications include eDeals, eNew Item, Vendor Costing, SVInquire, eMerch Military, ePASS, Dock Scheduling and POG Publisher (Plan-O-Gram Publishing).

To sign up, please go to the SVHarbor Information tab to obtain the forms required to request access to SVHarbor.

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