Retailer Applications

We know that your goal is to satisfy your customers and, at the same time, work more efficiently, and make a profit. Below we list some of the many applications and ways that SVHarbor provides efficient, time-saving methods to assist you in meeting your goals and increasing productivity.

  • Store Reports: You have quick access to reports that help you make those all-important business and customer-support decisions; such as store invoices, weekly retailer statements, price books, order guides, add planners, and so forth.
  • Procurement - Ordering: On the merchandising side, you now have the ability to place your orders online and review allowances associated with selected items. To look up product details, just type in the UPC code. You will quickly receive information that will help you make better decisions concerning an item's movement and purchasing.
  • 24x7 Access: Through SVHarbor and Internet access, you can easily communicate with SUPERVALU at anytime regarding your objectives, logistics, product needs, and so forth.
  • Email: With real-time Communication via Email, you increase your ability to communicate critical needs immediately.
  • Inventory Management: Review your quantities on-hand and what is in the warehouse. Download inventory information and manipulate it in MS Excel for a customized approach.
  • Retail Accounting: Manage your payroll, including adding new employees on-line through the secure portal.
  • Customer Service: With the eCustomer Service application, you will save time by requesting product credits and pickups on-line. In addition, you can eliminate unnecessary delays by printing shipping documents and having them ready for the driver upon arrival.
  • Labor Management: This application provides the necessary reports for making decisions regarding employee assignments, and improves your scheduling and time-tracking capabilities.
  • Signs and Label Printing: Download and print store signs and price labels from your own computer.
  • Industry News: Keep up with the last minute industry news and know how it may affect decisions you are making right now.
  • Category Management: Maximize your sales by managing product mix through the shelf management program - no more guessing as to the best shelf location. Be one of the first to learn about new products as you plan for promotions, future orders, and shelf-space.
  • Alerts: In the rare case where something is affecting the system, a real-time alert message displays on your monitor. Never spend unnecessary and unfruitful time again.
  • On-line Learning: SVHarbor's efficient and user-friendly on-line help makes learning a new application quick and easy.