Dock Scheduling

SUPERVALU provides a web-based Dock Scheduling application through SVHARBOR that gives suppliers and carriers even greater control of delivery appointments at SUPERVALU Distribution Centers.

This internally developed Dock Scheduling application provides 'self-scheduling' capabilities for suppliers and carriers alike through the Internet. The user-friendly application automates and streamlines the delivery appointment process, thus eliminating delays and saving valuable time while arranging for a dock appointment.

In addition, when access to the Web is not available, it provides an alternate self-scheduling function using an automated phone system. This application streamlines scheduling and saves time and labor for everyone involved in the process.


  • Carrier Self-Scheduling capability on one (1) screen with no phone calls
  • If Internet access is not available, a carrier or supplier can self schedule using the automated phone system
  • Use the Internet and/or telephone system to schedule and confirm appointments
  • Reduces carrier wait-time and minimizes demurrage
  • Eliminates dock congestion
  • Real-time visibility and communication
  • Provides forward visibility of all Purchase Orders
  • Allows for more effective and efficient planning of equipment and personnel
  • Provides visibility to dock utilization and scheduling performance
  • Corporate-wide visibility
  • Automatic exception monitoring for late or unscheduled loads
  • 24-hour per day access to the scheduling system, 7 days per week
  • Access the application from anywhere that you have an Internet connection or telephone


Delivery Appointment Options

  • For many suppliers and/or carriers, the system can automatically transmit a delivery appointment date and time as part of the EDI transaction when the purchase order (PO) is sent to the supplier.
  • Otherwise, authorized suppliers and carriers on SUPERVALU's SVHarbor web portal can schedule, reschedule, and confirm appointments through the Internet via SVHarbor
  • Alternately, you can schedule, reschedule, or confirm the Delivery Appointment through an automated telephone system by dialing (952) 828-4206