What is "Common Code"?

Common Code established a single code number for every unique product sold and shipped to over 4,000 retailers serviced by SUPERVALU.

Why has SUPERVALU moved to a common code?

  • Enables our customers and vendors to reference an item by a single identifier across SUPERVALU.
  • Shortens the time required to deliver new Customer Relationship Management and merchandising applications to our customers, vendors and employees.
  • Simplifies existing regional and corporate business processes.
  • Contains cost associated with merchandising activities.
  • Reduces the amount of communication required among SUPERVALU organizations surrounding item maintenance.

When did SUPERVALU convert to a Common Code?

The Common Code project was completed in 2003. Ongoing corrections continue in the "Code Change" process.

Periodic Corrections: (Code Change)

As an ongoing process, a periodic conversion of all codes found in error takes place. The process is similar to our original common code transition, but limited only to items that need correction. Not all distribution centers are corrected at the same time. The operating region will determine when and how often the correction process will occur for each of their locations.

The number of corrections is relatively small. The exact number and timing will be communicated to retailers and vendors in advance.

Immediate action is not required. The current code will work on all transactions between the store, customer service and your distribution center. All electronic communication coming from SUPERVALU supplied retailers will be spontaneously translated from the current, to the new "corrected" common code. Customers supported by SUPERVALU store labels programs will automatically receive replacement shelf labels. Retailer systems that store and process the SUPERVALU item codes will have to develop specific translation approaches with the local SUPERVALU team.

Our retail trading partners participating in SUPERVALU electronic data exchange will receive code change information automatically.

Common Code Information Application

This link will take you to the Common Code Information application.

Common Code Lookup

The lookup table allows you to search for the new SUPERVALU common code associated with an item.

Common Code Translation Table

Detailed information about the items that have been modified can be obtained in the translation tables.